Just a quick post to draw your attention to some of the links down the right hand side there. I am trying to be quite selective in who and what I link too, having first scrutinised them under my own fine eyes. So without further ado some of my picks of the moment are:

First up is Jason Ramasami, not only does he have a sweet surname but he is also a bit good at drawing, he has kindly proven this by sketching me the avatar you see to the left. He is has a couple of sites firstly Saamvisual where you can see more of his work, and secondly EpilogueTV, which is a monthly cartoon strip. Check them both out.

Second, third and fourth are the blogs that I read regularly, Alex Willmott’s efforts for Christian Vision for men, Pop Thy Collar and Mome’s Home. If you are looking for well written, honest and engaging blogs, then look no further than these guys. I cannot recommend them highly enough to you.

All my links are listed down the side. Check them out!