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Changes, changes. As well as welcoming Oli to the site, you may have noticed a few more links appearing down the sidebar of this blog and I’d like, if I may, to just point some of them out to you. Joining the ever excellent Pop Thy Collar and Mome’s home we have a number of blogs I found whilst blog surfing. Now I suffer a bit of OCD when it comes to blogs and want to read everything on there before linking, but there is so much out there that this isn’t really possible, however these blogs are the ones that caught and kept my attention with strong writing, humour and most important relatively short and easy to read!

First a friend of mine up north we have Building Blocks a themed blog that is giving you three lettered alphabet flavoured posts – worth following just to see how he deals with some of the more awkward letters!! Next on the list is Unending Love, Amazing Grace this blog is written by a 16 year old girl and she is so for Jesus it puts me to shame. Number three (no particular order!) Chris Yeager Writes – this blog resonated with me, I love the writing and the honesty. Next Thorns and Myrtles this blog is great, short blogs but don’t be fooled – there is a depth here and you get a lot to chew on! Last but not least is Snowgood’s Blog a blog that combines pretty cool photography with thoughts about Jesus and the Bible.

Codelife has also just launched in the UK and while it’s specifically for men I’m sure the ladies will also find much of interest.

I’d also like to make a shameless plug for my sister in law who is selling hand made Christmas cards to raise money for a Hospice in Scarborough that does a bunch of good work for very ill people. You can find out more about the Hospice, how to order the cards and check out the designs at Hoodle.

That’s a lot for you to chow on but I wanted to self indulge for a moment. As I said earlier it’s really hard to go back through all of a blogs – as I have found out they rapidly fill up with posts, and lost in the sands of time is some of our finest work! So allow me to point you in the direction of two of my own blogs that I enjoyed writing and still enjoy reading, and please post in the comments some hidden gems from your blog or blogs of other people that need to be rediscovered!

The First Man Part 1

The First Man Part 2

Over to you…