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Another guest blog from Oli, a poem this time:

I make no claim to literary genius, I am just beginning to peel back the oppression of ‘adulthood’ to let my creativity loose!

Waves of Grace

As I swim my life matches the rise and fall of the waves…                                         Waves of Grace.                                                                                                         The rise and fall, highs and lows; the peaks and troughs of the Waves of Grace.

Drawn in, dragged down, fear of absence,                                                                 Waves of Grace.                                                                                               Threat of drowning, cold and darkness, overcome,                                                   Waves of Grace.

Surging power rushes forwards, pushing, crushing,                                                Waves of Grace.                                                                                                        And I am raised up, lifted, carried, held aloft!                                                    Waves of Grace.

The glorious peaks, foaming white, glistening with reflected light.                        Waves of Grace.                                                                                                       Peace reigns, serenity is mine, delicious warmth and goodness abounds.            Waves of Grace.

But this moment cannot last for always, again I must descend.                                 Waves of Grace.                                                                                               Knowing, trusting, hoping that the same waves that carried me aloft will also sustain me below:                                                                                                             Waves of Grace.

Oli Preston August 2010