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It is very easy to feel rejected. There can be many causes. Some trivial, some not. As a three-year old I felt my parents had rejected me in favour of my new sister. Then there were the times I felt my parents should be listening to me and they weren’t. The same thing about listening can spill over into adulthood and marriage and there are many opportunities in courtship and in marriage for one partner to feel rejected. Sometimes life seems full of rejection.

So how about God? How does He feel when we put the trivia of our daily lives first and Him second, or even last? You could argue that He is used to it. The Bible records incident after incident in which God is rejected. We may laugh at the concept of idol worship but what about our idols? Do we know what they are?

And is our daily grind really that important? Is it so difficult to find time for God? We know deep inside that He should come first. Don’t we? Yet how many times have I read my daily paper before my Bible? Or checked my email before praying? Or Facebook? How often do I play music in the car having left the house early without checking in with God? The list goes on. And excuses are easy to find. But God didn’t make excuses to us. He simply and lovingly put us first at a cost to Him that is beyond our human understanding. Priorities.