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For the last four years my daughter has spent a week at a Youth for Christ summer camp. The camp is about 120 miles due east from our home. The journey takes about two and a half hours depending on traffic.

Last night I had a dream about collecting her from camp. My car was unusually full with all her stuff and there was space only for the two of us in the car. Before we left one of the leaders asked if we could make a detour when coming to camp next year to collect two young children belonging to a couple involved in helping at the camp. This would allow them to come early to camp to set up, leaving their children temporarily with family.

The only problem with the request in my dream was that it involved a detour of ninety miles due north, potentially doubling my journey time. And there would be little space in the car for two other children. I really did not want to say yes to the request, but found it difficult to say no, or justify a negative response. I woke this morning challenged by the dream, which raised several questions:

  • How much is too much when I am serving God?
  • How much is too little?
  • How much is too much to ask of fellow Christians?
  • What would my response be to such a request if it had been a real life situation?

When I translate the above into service generally and in church in particular the questions change slightly:

  • Do I do enough for God?
  • Do I ask too much of others?
  • Do I expect too much of others?