I never imagined when I named this blog that we would experience in 5 days the ebbs and flows of life so much. On Friday we found out that our IVF treatment had worked. We were happy but cautious as it was still early days. As we shared with the many people who had been praying our excitement and relief grew, until Monday night when Anna started bleeding. Over the last two days the bleeding worsened and today our worst fears were confirmed, we have suffered an early miscarriage. We don’t yet understand, and are still quite raw, but we said we would be honest in our journey through infertility. We don’t regret being so open and Anna will reflect further on this on the weekend by sharing her journal from the last two days.

We would like to thank you all for your prayers and support which still mean so much to us. We know our journey does not end here, and although there is grief, anger and sadness to come first, we are expectant that God will yet surprise us.