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Sorry it’s a day late – we’re a bit behind this week, but here for your pleasure is the latest guest blog:

When things go badly wrong it is often tempting to ask God where He was at the time. I could ask such a question about many events in my life from childhood through to the present day. For instance, where was God when I lost my job when my wife was pregnant with our first child in 1980? Where was He when I lost two other jobs in quick succession the next time recession hit?

Where was God during all the other times when things appeared to go belly up? Where was He when I desperately needed His hand to reach down and pick me up? When I needed Him to hold me? When I needed Him to protect me? When I needed Him to comfort me? Where was He?

With the wonderful science of hindsight I know that God was always there. I might not understand why some things happen the way they do. Like the Psalmist I cannot figure out why many things in this world are the way that they are. But like the Psalmist I do know that God is always present. He is not an absent Father. God is here and He will never stop loving me. I realise that God hurts when I hurt. I know that He cries when I cry. And God definitely carries me when it seems too much for me to continue alone. I can’t begin to imagine how things would be if He wasn’t always here.