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Jesus became dust for you and me. When the Almighty God squeezed His power into the womb of a young girl, He was choosing to become the very dust that He made Adam from. The Creator became human, spent 9 months swimming around in a womb before being born a helpless babe, who relied fully on His parents (who, incidentally, He had also created) for food and nappy changing, among other things. The Bible says that he choose to become nothing. In Jesus not only do we find our saviour but also our example. For so long I have seen the example of Jesus as unattainable, a perfect ideal that I can never reach until heaven, and I still know that this is true, but Jesus words haunt me. He said that we would see and do greater things than He had. How is that possible when we are human and He is God? Perhaps the answer lies in the reality of Jesus incarnation, the mystery of being fully God and fully human. Reflection on this has given me an insight that has encouraged me to hold more closely and truly to the example of Jesus than ever before. Jesus lived a fully human life despite being fully God. He could off at anytime have done anything He wanted, but He choose to limit Himself, so that He only did what the Father told Him to do. He lived the perfect Christian life in contact with the Father at all times. That is why some went unhealed, and some went unsaved. The compassionate human in Jesus would have wanted to heal and save all, and because He was fully God He could have done it, but He choose to make Himself nothing, to do only what He saw the Father doing. Jesus performed His miracles as a human in tune with the Father, not as God Himself. Look at how Satan tempts Jesus in the desert, He appeals to His humanity to use His deity. When Jesus tells Satan that man shall not live by bread alone, He is acknowledging His reliance on the Father. When this revelation hits you, you realise that you can do greater things than Jesus if you align yourself with the Father. If you remain in Him, and daily say ‘not my will but yours be done.’

The weak things of this world will be made to shame the strong. Our weakness proves God’s existence. When we do as we see the Father doing, when we become the tools in His hands instead of making ourselves the brains behind His plans, we show the world the power of God. When we spend time seeking His will and then acting it out we point to heaven rather than ourselves. When we choose to become nothing and rely on the Father for our everything we are truly following the example of Jesus.