I have recently had the privilege of writing a guest blog for Grow Up! which is run by Heather. She has recently started video blogging and I encourage you to check out some of her blogs and vlogs. While you are there you could also cast your eyes over ‘A logical romance’ the guest blog I wrote!

Also if you haven’t already, have a look at ‘Raiding the Chamber’ which was a guest blog on this site written by Eden of Thorns & Myrtles.

While the concept of guest blogging, in some aspects, remains strange to me, I have found as a writer and hoster(?) of guest blogs that it is a great way to stretch your writing and introduce your readers to some new styles of writing and different voices. If anyone is interested in a one of the Ebs and Flows writers guest blogging or becoming a regular or one off contributor, let me know via the comments section of this post!