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Most Christians would agree that there is nothing we can do to earn Grace – salvation is a gift from God, there is no-one who can be ‘saved by works’. “Amen!”, I say. “Hallelujah!”, you reply. Grace is amazing – there is no doubting that!


Is that it? Is that where the story ends? We joyfully receive this beautiful gift and then retire to ‘Heaven’s waiting room’? It can’t be. I don’t know about you but I want to contribute to life – I want a chance to give something of myself: to God, to my ‘neighbour’, to creation.

We all have times when we can only receive (or only want to receive) – as very young children, or if we are ill (for example). But what happens if the child carries on just receiving? They become spoilt and selfish. What if when we recovered from illness we never gave something back? We would be ungrateful, and might loose out on the two way sacrifice that is love…

More than this – I find that most people positively want to respond to kindness. Many of us actually find it uncomfortable to simply be served – we have a desire sparked in us to share the goodness. This is what John wrote about (1 John 4:19):

“We love because He first loved us”

We cannot do anything to earn the Grace that God gives us, or to pay Him back for it (as if we could do God a favour!); even to try to would insult the magnitude of the gift. However, Heaven matches our ‘Hallelujah!’ cries when we are rallied to action because of Grace.

May our hearts sit right with God. May we acknowledge in our deepest being that through Grace we are adopted children of the Kingdom. May we accept that we cannot earn anything more than the Grace given – that any other thing pales into insignificance in the light of eternity. And may we choose to do good stuff for God anyway – finding reward enough in seeing our Father smile.