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Often in church I can’t hear the backing singer in the worship group, maybe because of where we’re sitting. Today though I was next to a speaker, so I could. It sounded great. That got me thinking about how tastes in music vary hugely. The rest of this post kind of hit me all at once. Maybe the rest is obvious, but here goes…

It struck me that there’s a strong idea in our culture that it’s very, very difficult, probably impossible to know any definite truth about the most important things in life. Things like what’s good, who’s good, how to become good, what happens when we die, is there a God, what it he, she or it like? etc etc etc. It wasn’t always like this and rightly or wrongly people in the past were very sure of the answers to these questions.

There’s a kind of opposite to this in that much that is definitely opinion is spoken of in language of truth or lie. It’s obvious in others & we see it in ourselves when we step back a bit. Going back to music, if I like or dislike a style of music, or a musician, I’m likely to use words like ‘great’ or ‘rubbish’. We tend not to say “that’s not my taste” or “in my opinion…” although it’s refreshing when someone does. I’ve even heard people question whether certain musicians or sports persons shouldn’t really be removed from existence for their own good or the good of society. Not me of course, I’d never say such things. Well not for a long time…

So it seems that we like the idea of truth, even if it comes out in strange ways sometimes.

shortcut to finding truth…

Shortcuts can be bad, but if the standard way of doing things goes in circles then a shortcut might be good news. So, truth; something is true if it accurately represents how things actually are. With the ‘important questions’ above, we tend to want everything explained perfectly before we let them affect our lives. The problem with this is that leaving out practical experience means we never get close to a good explanation. Science understands this, so after a certain amount of (necessary) theory, if at all possible you take the plunge & test it out.

So think about the important questions in life, but also test things out. We’re invited to do this:

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him”

So the writer here isn’t saying “[insert truth here] is true about God, you’d better believe it, I’ve just written it in the bible…”, he’s saying find out what God’s like. This doesn’t mean place your order & if it’s delivered then God is good (although He may). It means spend time patiently in God’s presence simply to experience His goodness. God’s presence, even when subtle, answers everything!