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Let me tell you the best way…

I can preach sermons and sing songs, but without love, I am a car alarm in the night. I can read and write books, blogs and mediations but if I don’t have love, what’s the point? I can learn all there is of God, prove Him beyond all doubt, predict the future and believe this world can change, but if I am loveless, I am an empty shell. I can pour myself out for the needy, meet their every want, and face persecution for my beliefs, but if love is not the currency then I have gained nothing.

Love is full, love waits, love delivers on it’s promises a thousand times over. Love gives, it does not demand. Love doesn’t dwell on what it has, or cast jealous eye over it’s neighbours possessions. It does not take pleasure in it’s own abilities but relishes the abilities of others. Love cannot be broken by hate, it does not accuse or work for it’s own sake, but love revels in outward looking acts. It will not lose it’s temper without good cause, and it does not tally up your mistakes. Love does not sit and laugh at the table of evil, but drinks heartily with truth. Love defends, love believes, love looks for the coming light, love will not let go, give up, be talked down, destroyed or lessened – it’s always there. Love is the ultimate social networking site, always connected – you can’t log out of love.

Love has won, it can’t lose. For those who look love will be found. Human knowledge will end, language will be found wanting, prophets will run out of words, but love? It’s still standing. At the end of all things, when our Eden bodies are restored will we long for our earthly shells? Can you return to your youth and leave behind the tasks of adulthood? What we see now, what we squint to catch a glimpse of, will soon be blindingly obvious. What will your first thought be when faced with love? For three things will stand the test of time, three things cannot be defeated, three things to live by, three things to die for. Faith. Hope. Love. And the most excellent way? The way of love.

I guess you would call the above a paraphrase, but let me be clear it is my version of a Bible passage, it cannot replace or even do justice to the original (1 Corinthians 13) but I found it a helpful exercise. I have not studied much theology or history in relation to the original passage so it has just been rewritten from my point of view, I thought it followed on nicely from last weeks blog – Untied.