It’s late. I’ve been at Spring Harvest all week, and I’m preaching in the morning. Therefore I present you the best of my current drafts. Or should that be dregs? It probably needed more work, but as I said it’s late and I’m uninspired!

A few weeks back I attended some fire safety training. It was an interesting night plus I got to let off some extinguishers, so that made it even better. But as well as pretending to be a ghostbuster I also learnt some stuff too. Fire needs three elements – fuel, oxygen and a heat source. Take even one of those away and you got no fire. Fire extinguishes are designed to do just that, remove one of the vital components and therefore quench the flame.

The Bible talks a lot about fire. In good and bad ways. Christians also talk about fire. About being on fire for God. This got me thinking – what elements are essential for a Christian to be ‘on fire’? Is there a similar list that if even one was taken away would make it impossible for a Christian to be ‘on fire’? And if this is the case does satan have fire extinguishers designed to tackle each one?

Here’s my list of the three things needed for me to be on fire. It’s probably not all inclusive but it might just getting you thinking! No particular order…

  1. Church – or Christian community. I guess I’d call this the fuel – I need others who are going to help me continue to burn and be set on fire themselves! I’m sure some people can burn on their own but I’m not one of them.
  2. The Word – my oxygen. The very thing I need to breathe in everyday. Guidance, wisdom, comfort and the power to separate soul and spirit!
  3. The Spirit – the heat source, the spark. The divine lighter. Without the Spirit my fuel and oxygen just make a very smelly combination. The Spirit joins it all together.

What about God and Jesus I hear you cry? Well I’m kinda working from the assumption that anyone who wants to be set on fire by God already has some understanding and relationship with God… anyway what are your three essentials for fire? And if you recognise your essentials then how might satan attack them?

After all satan doesn’t mind you being a Christian, it’s when your on fire that he starts to panic.