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The other night I worked a late shift at my other job. I got home at something like 1am. Now we have one of these PVC doors, which means that if you try and open it when there are keys in the other side you are not going to be met with the warmth of your home, and the sweet taste of unlocking success. That is exactly what happened on this early morn. I slid the key in but it would not budge. I contemplated falling to my knees, hands held aloft to the heavens, screaming ‘Anna why have you forsaken me’ but decided that, on this occasion, that would be overly dramatic.

Instead I ran round the back, and using a handy wheelie bin, clambered up to reach over and unlock the back gate, securing me entrance to the yard, and by proxy the back door. All the while rehearsing the telling off I would give to Anna in the morning, or possibly right away, for leaving her key in the door. I unlocked the back and as I came to the stairs glanced at the front door to see no keys hanging there. Opps.

In my haste to get into the house I momentarily forgot that the front door key and back door key look the same. If I had just stuck around and thought for a minute I might have saved myself some back garden gymnastics. I might have realised that I often have to try both keys before getting in. Sure I got in the house in the end, but I took the hard way, when annoyingly the right key had been in my hand all along.

How often do I assume I’m right and miss the obvious right before me? How often do I get angry with others when I am the one to blame? Why are we more evangelical with our wisdom than we are with our love? Why are our conversations rapid back and forths where when the other person is speaking we are simply waiting for the silence to put our point of view forwards?

Romans 12:3 ‘For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.’

Let’s make a pact, you and I, that on this easter weekend we will think more highly of others, we will not be concerned with our wisdom more than our love, that our conversations will be punctuated with silence where we consider our response rather than jump right in, and that when in doubt we will just look to Jesus.