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I’ve taken up a lot of hobbies in my time. Be it a new instrument, sport or learning to edit videos. The same thing always happens. I want to be awesome at it almost immediately. No practise. No hardship. No journey. Just me. Fully awesome. From the word go.

Similarly I’m often paralysed by the size of the task before us as Christians. I look around at the world, in fact even just Scarborough, and I struggle to see how these people are ever going to accept God, I just don’t see how they will ever change.

As I walked round the town the other day I asked God about this ‘How are you going to change these people?’ The reply I got was ‘One heart at a time’. Now this might not be an effective evangelism strategy but I think God was telling me what I need to do. Look for the hearts I can impact, look for the thing I can do to show love to someone, to show them Jesus. It’s not God who is impotent but my vision. And my vision will never be that big – my brain simply can’t handle it. I need to leave the big stuff to God and concentrate on one heart at a time, one step at a time.

I’m pretty sure the first heart that needs work is mine. I can be a better Christian, I can become more Christlike, but just like my desire to play the guitar, it ain’t gonna happen overnight. But it will happen.

One step at a time.