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There comes a point in blogging, I have found, when you start to question everything to do with blogging. Insecurities about the way you write, whether it’s actually serving a purpose or just self serving, and alike pop up all the time. But the most recent niggle, after over a year of blogging, is have I actually got anything to say?

I mean obviously I say stuff all the time, but is it worthwhile? Is it possible, in this modern age, to say anything new? Am I just contributing to a mass of information that is out there but doesn’t change anything?

Awhile back I saw this cartoon by a great illustrator and I have been looking for an opportunity to use it. Well my friend that day is here:

I obviously don’t think blogs are worthless, but I do recognise in my own life the reality of reading more about the Bible, than actually reading the Bible, and I would hate for this blog to take the place of the Bible.

John 6: 68 ‘Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.’

I might not be able to write anything new, I might be contributing to a mass of information, I might not be making any difference, but I can point people to the words of eternal life, and that makes it worthwhile.