Sorry this is late. As you will see I have been away…

If I wrote a diary….

Friday 1st July,

Dear Diary,

Tonight I face the prospect of sleeping on the floor in close proximity to my Pastor, and I fear he will be a snorer. I know for a fact that in the past he has shouted in his sleep. He once regaled me with a story of his Bible college days when he shouted ‘PRAISE THE LORD’ in his sleep causing another student to think he had awoken to the end of the world! I always thought this was hilarious, until today.

But something worse than a sleepless night is occupying my thoughts. You see we are heading to a learning community on the subject of prophecy. The very idea strikes fear in my heart. I am always worried that at this sort of thing my deepest darkest sins will be revealed to someone and they in turn will announce them publicly. I have heard plenty of stories of this happening. And if it does happen I see only two options, run or counter prophecy against the person who just did it!

Why is my automatic assumption that a gift from God will induce shame in me? It seems to be a pattern as humans continue to misunderstand, misuse and straight up abuse God’s gifts to them. Maybe just maybe it will be a good weekend of encouragement – after all isn’t that precisely what the gift of prophecy is for – building up the church?

Sunday 3rd July,

The prophecy was good, the Pastor snored.

What gifts are you not benefiting from?