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I’m very excited about todays post, although it is more of an advert than a blog. About a month ago I felt that God was challenging me about technology, and how everything that has enabled us to become more ‘connected’ to each other, has led to a disconnect from God and, ironically, each other, as we sit alone engaging through various LCD screens.I felt God ask me to give this up for a period of time each day to spend that time with Him. As the idea grew it became clear that this was much bigger than just me and I needed to get the idea ‘out there’ to other people. Which is where you come in!

As of today I have set up a Facebook page that you can ‘like’, it gives full information about what’s involved, but the essence is giving up modern technology and distractions for at least 30 minutes a day, Mon – Sat, sitting in a quiet place with a Bible, pen and notepad – expecting God to talk to you, and noting down when He does.

If you like the idea and want to help please link to the Facebook page not this blog. I am keen to avoid this being an exercise in self promotion – I very much feeling like I am stewarding God’s idea and want to do so well. You could also consider using the logo as a ‘button’ on your blog. Remembering to link to the Facebook page not this blog! If you are a WordPress user and don’t know how to install a button let me know and I’ll send instructions!

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Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/iFast/226593087371398

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Thanks for joining me on this adventure! I look forward to the stories we will have.