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We recently refurbished our lounge and dining room. The brick fireplace has gone. The old doorway between the two rooms is now an archway, and the threadbare carpet has been replaced with a laminate floor.

The changes we made posed some challenges when it came to our furniture. Years ago we spent what was a lot of money for us on a very nice unit to house our stereo system, CDs and cassettes (I did say years ago). In time this unit gathered various scratches and began to look quite sorry for itself. We wanted it to be part of our living area but it just didn’t look good enough anymore. 

Determined not to throw a good piece of furniture away I bought a furniture restoration kit on Amazon. I spent a quite bit of time working away on the unit and initially it looked good. But as the magic potions dried out the damage was just as evident as ever.

I looked for tips on the Internet and in a Reader’s Digest book of helpful hints. None of them worked. Then one day I searched in a local store and found a bottle of scratch remover. It had to be worth one last try. It took seconds to apply and you would not believe how good our unit looks. It is just like new and sits in the corner of our lounge again. And if it collects any more scratches, I now have the means to remove them.

I guess my life has been a bit like that piece of furniture. I have picked up all sorts of damage and blemishes through the years. My own attempts to resolve such things took much effort and resulted in temporary success, if any. I guess my Heavenly Father looked on me in the way that I looked at our unit. Knowing that there was something he could do with me and my life and not giving up on me. I know that’s why Jesus had to die. It was the only way God could remove my blemishes forever, and deal with all the subsequent scratches, stains and marks on my life. All I had to do was ask. I just wonder sometimes why I couldn’t find the scratch remover that did the job straight away. So much time could have been saved. Couldn’t it?