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I was reading through Matthew earlier today and something jumped out that hasn’t done so before. In Matthew 16 we see two sides of Peter, in one breath showing incredible insight in recognising Jesus for who He is, and in the next breath he is getting accused of being satan!

I had always wondered how Peter felt during these two incidents, going from rock to a stumbling block in two sentences, from pride to horror in a matter of minutes. Jesus doesn’t mince His words does He? Calling Peter satan, commenting on how foolish and slow the disciples are, being shockingly honest with the Pharisees. Jesus means what He says, which is why when we read everything He said in these exchanges we find the difference and the reason Peter changed from wisdom to folly so quickly.

In Matthew 16:17 Jesus says that Peter didn’t get his wisdom from himself but from the Father directly, whereas in verse 23 we find Peter has the things of men in his mind rather than the things of God.

What realm is your thinking operating on? Are you a rock or stumbling block? Are you hearing from the Father or men?