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I have just been challenged and moved by a blog featuring a 76-year old bridge that strikes fear into the heart of the writer (A.C. Baker) as he drives across it four times each day. The writer is required to place his faith in the bridge. He compares the bridge to Jesus stating that, ‘Jesus is the Bridge that has never failed. He is the Bridge that spans the ravine between man and a Holy God.’ In other words if Jesus has no part in our lives then we are stranded on the wrong side of the river.

I am not afraid of bridges. In my life I have taken great pleasure in sailing underneath them as well as driving or walking over them. Driving across Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in 2010 fulfilled an ambition held since 1975 when I passed underneath the bridge when entering and leaving the bay while serving on a merchant vessel. Golden Gate Bridge is one of several in the world that just take my breath away.

The bridge that features most prominently in my life at present is the new Severn Bridge that links England with Wales. A friend of mine was part of the marine team that floated out and positioned the huge concrete caissons supporting this awesome bridge. Sentimentality aside, I frequently have to cross the Severn Bridge on my journey to my earthly home. Despite having to pay a toll, I would much rather drive across the bridge than take the long way home.

The Bible tells me that this world is not my home – I am a stranger passing through. There is a destination for all of humanity. Jesus stepped down into this world as a Bridge to help us reach this destination. We just have to step out in faith and cross the Bridge. The thought of remaining on the riverbank is far more frightening than crossing the Bridge. Jesus is the Bridge that takes my breath away. There is no other way to God.