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My Father-in-law was possibly the nicest man I ever met. He was patient, gentle, kind, compassionate. I never ever saw him lose his temper. I never ever heard him swear. He could have been a Christian, but to the best of my knowledge he died without knowing God. The very last time this good man went into a church a so-called Christian asked him to move. Apparently the seat that Dad was sitting on was the seat that this person sat on week in, week out. Just a few weeks later Dad was tragically killed when he tried to stop his car rolling down his steep driveway into the lane. His first thought as ever was for other people who might have been injured if the car went into the lane.

I would like to know two things.

  1. How will God judge my Father-in-law? This man lived as a follower of Christ should live, but he never entered into a relationship with God. He didn’t have a problem with God, it’s just that the penny never dropped.
  2. How will God judge the Christian who told Dad to move out of his seat?

Perhaps in the last few seconds of his life my Father-in-law cried out to God. I really don’t know. The challenge for me when I recall the “you’re sitting in my seat” incident is that I do not want to be guilty of causing another human being to turn away from God.