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Hereford United

Everyone loves an underdog. Someone or a team that achieves what they should never achieve in the face of great adversity and insurmountable odds. This is true in the sporting world perhaps more than anywhere. In 1972 Hereford United had made it to the third round of the FA cup, a big deal for a club at their level. They had drawn Newcastle and managed to battle to a 2-2 draw at St James Park forcing a replay at Edgar Street. The non league side managed to hold on until the 82nd minute when the top flight Newcastle took a one nil lead. Then this happened:

Hereford went on to win the game in extra time, and this goal is credited with not only inspiring their fight back but also of launching the career of the then on trial commentator John Motson. The church and Christians are often thought of as underdogs, if stats are to be believed church attendance is declining and its members seem to be buying this line too, often ashamed or embarrassed to promote the gospel, wondering how they can make it more attractive, or trying to hold on to man made traditions rather than reach out to the lost.

How ever did we get to this point? If we believe what we say we believe then we are in no way the underdog! No matter what our current status, no matter how the church is viewed in society the truth of the matter is that God has won! Do we believe that? That why aren’t we staking more on it? Why do we treat the gospel as though it has the power of a soggy paper bag rather than the power to destroy death?

The Israelites were often in a position where they could consider themselves underdogs, but only if they didn’t take into account the fact that God was on their side. When 12 spies were sent to scout out the promised land 10 decided that they were the underdogs, and two decided that God was good to His word.

Numbers 30:30 ‘Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.’

Are you feeling like an underdog? Does the truth and power of the gospel motivate you to action or slide under your radar? Maybe God is telling you to go and take possession of the land He is giving you, because it’s not about you but about what God can do through you.