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During the summer of 2005 I had to travel to Trinidad for work at very short notice. I went begrudgingly given that it was August and knowing that Trinidad would be unbearably hot. After a long and tiring journey I finally arrived during the evening of a public holiday. My local contact forgot to meet me at the airport and by the time I got to the hotel I was thoroughly fed up.

The gentleman who collected me from my hotel in the morning was a Christian, as was the operations manager of the company I was visiting. During the time I spent with the company I discovered that a good number of employees were also Christians. It made a difference.

While I was waiting outside my hotel to be collected on the second morning of my visit a group of taxi drivers were poking fun at a young woman who worked in the coffee shop in the hotel lobby. As this lady walked past the line of drivers one taxi driver said, “well ain’t you gonna bless me girl?” As the other drivers laughed, the girl stopped. She walked back to the taxi driver. She took his hands in hers and she began to pray for him. Then she continued her walk back to the hotel.

I’m not sure what made me say it, but as the coffee shop lady drew level with me I said “ain’t you gonna bless me too?” I got the same treatment as the taxi driver. Too say I was stunned is an understatement. Here I was standing outside my hotel with a young slip of girl holding my hands and praying that I would come to faith! After she finished praying she turned and headed towards the lobby. I decided that I needed to apologise and followed her. At the coffee shop counter I said sorry and explained that her prayer had been answered many years earlier. I discovered that this young woman was so effervescent in her love for Jesus that she could not stop sharing her faith. What an example. Even a line of laughing taxi drivers could not intimidate her.

Finally, I had an early morning encounter with a taxi driver who did not need the prayers of the coffee shop lady. He collected me while it was still dark. I made a comment about the beauty of creation displayed in the clear night sky. His response? “To understand creation you need to know the creator.” My reply. “Stop right there. I am already saved.” He didn’t stop. He proceeded to conduct a Bible study while driving me to the airport.

The entire trip was a humbling experience as God put one Christian after another in my path. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps to deal with my attitude of not wanting to be there. Perhaps to teach me how faith may be shared in different situations by providing me with real life examples. Perhaps to encourage me. Perhaps so that I could share the experience through this blog one day and encourage others. Perhaps …..

 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8