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When Jesus said that He ‘no longer calls us servants but friends’, he must have known He was in for trouble. He must have known that most of us would use this as an opportunity to do what we do best – thinking we know best. That most of us would treat Him as though He has actually said ‘I no longer call you servants but boss’. We seem to have an uncanny knack of telling God how He should be, what He should do and who He is allowed to bless. We mastermind His every move and then wonder why things don’t turn out the way we expected.

And that’s the real rub isn’t it? Things not turning out how we expect. The world would be a much better place if things turned out that way I expected all the time. A much better place… for me at least.

Out of all the people who have walked this earth Jesus could have felt this way more than anyone. Fully God, fully human, yet fully committed to doing only what He saw the Father doing. Let’s remember we are the tools in God’s hands not the brains behind His plans.