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Most of us are waiting for something. Our lives become a series of waiting for things. Be that a new film or video game, your next pay day, or even the elusive weekend. Invariably, after investing so much energy into anticipation, the object of our anticipation cannot fulfil our expectations. We pour so much into these things. Planning our next weekend, or how we will spend the next wage packet permeates the time leading up to these events. We live in advent of them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about advent recently. Advent is defined as the arrival of a notable thing or person. The Jews were living in advent of the Messiah. We live in advent of our own selfish desires. We are desperate for them, they consume us. There is one other thing we are waiting for, but we are not as desperate for – Jesus’ return.

We live in advent of His return but you wouldn’t know it. If you knew Jesus was going to return next week what would you do? Become more fervent in spreading the Good News or just crack on with doing everything that you want to do before you die? Could that be one of the reasons the date remains unknown – because God knows we’d use it as an excuse to fulfil our bucket list rather than try and get as many to heaven as possible? Living in advent of Christ’s return is the only thing we can wait for that will lead to ultimate satisfaction, that will meet our expectations and more, yet often we don’t want Jesus to return because there are still things we haven’t done here.

What are you living in advent of?