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I have always been fascinated by the way men store money. Some men shove it loose in their pockets, some put it in wallets in their back pockets, my Dad had this funny little holder that stored pound coins. I use to love the sight of that little chap and the chance that I might receive a pound coin from it! Me? I’m a wallet man. I like a wallet big enough to accommodate all my money – notes and coins, and it always goes in a side pocket not the back one!

I have spent a lot of time, probably too much, thinking about the way we store our earthly treasure, but not enough about my heavenly treasure. The Bible tells me my body is Temple of the Holy Spirit, and to be honest my Temple has got a bit of an extension that it probably doesn’t really need. I mean surely the Holy Spirit requires more room in the heart than it does in the belly. Not that I’m massively overweight but there has been a noticeable expansion in the gut region in recent years.

CVM’s Codelife contains twelve codes for life and one of them is about being fit and free from addictions. And it’s the fit bit that worries me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want a washboard stomach and bulging biceps, but less michelin man would be nice. And I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to suggest that our physical well-being can have an influence on our spiritual well-being. Certainly one of the reasons I am not as trim as I should be is my lack of self discipline.

Despite all of this I am not about to sign up to a ten week fitness plan or anything like that. It’s interesting that when we commit to working on our spiritual life we can do so in secret and even fake the results to some degree, if we commit to a fitness plan our success (or more likely failure) is on display for all to see. Although I am not committing to anything, I would like to be more thoughtful about my body and honour God with it. So it you bump into me after Christmas, come up and gentle slap my belly, if a wobble greets you would you kindly whisper ‘You shouldn’t be there mate.’