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The church I am part of has a ‘Futures’ document that sets out the vision of the church from 2012 onwards. When this was introduced the pastor was honest in his appraisal of the document. It provides a starting point. We may have missed stuff that God wants us to do or be as a church. We may have included things that God will remove.

When the Futures document was discussed during a day of prayer those present were asked what they considered the most important thing in the document, given that there are finite resources. In my little cluster of people the work with the children and youth was quickly identified. Later I wondered what God would identify as the most important thing about the church Futures document?

My belief is that in God’s view the most important thing is that such a vision exists. It doesn’t matter that the document or the vision may be lacking, it matters that it exists. It matters that it exists because vision is vital if God is to be able to use His church to do His will in His world. What comes next will be down to the way in which we prayerfully surrender ourselves into His will.