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In 1904 revival transformed Wales. In the space of one year more than 100,000 people surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. Churches were full, while pubs were empty as a nation was changed. But where is revival now? Matt Redman wrote the following based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Isaiah 6:5-8

We’re looking to your promise of old 

That if we pray and humble ourselves 

You will come and heal our land 

You will come, You will come 

We’re looking to the promise You made 

That if we turn and look to Your face 

You will come and heal our land 

You will come, You will come 

To us 

Send revival, start with me 

For I am one of unclean lips 

And my eyes have seen the King 

Your glory I have glimpsed 

Send revival, start with me

I believe that revival is arriving today through change in the hearts of those already touched by God. The process appears to begin with renewed hunger leading to surrender, almost abandonment to Jesus in the lives of individuals. If like Moses we choose to remove our shoes and move forwards onto holy ground, God will meet with us. If we allow Him He will light the fire of revival in our hearts. Then through us the Holy Spirit will be able to change families, villages, towns, cities, counties, even nations.