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Do you really trust God implicitly? Could you be as bold as King Jehoshaphat who called the nation of Judah to prayer when the country was threatened by the combined armies of three other countries? When the people prayed God answered. The next day Jehoshaphat sent a choir in front of his army singing praises to God and the enemy armies were defeated (2 Chronicles 20:1-30). 

When God says, “trust Me,” do you search for human solutions to the problems you face, or do you surrender everything to Him? In my experience God prefers not to provide human solutions. He deals in the impossible, perhaps because the possible is just too easy.

We only really learn how to trust God in any given situation when we can no longer see any possible human solution to whatever it is we face. The challenge is to let it go and let God take charge. That’s tough when you are human, but Scripture is full of examples of people who did (Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, the Apostles). Whatever you face today, tomorrow, or some time in the future, remember that when God says, “trust Me,” He doesn’t expect you to find the solution for Him.