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God led me to the following passage and I understood it more fully than ever before. I went home and wrote my own version of it to help me meditate on it more. Rather than posting my thoughts I post my rewritten effort:

With everything in you, try to live peaceably with everyone. Do you want others to see God through you? Let Him shine in your purity. God’s grace is there for all – make sure they don’t miss out! You don’t decide who deserves grace – one little bit of bitterness, one hint of jealously can cause many to lose out. Don’t chase after sexual fantasy, or put God low on the pecking order. Esau was guilty of this, and that’s not all – his short term plan for instant gratification saw him sell his birth given rights for one paltry meal. After the event he changed his mind but it was to late. The damage was done, all the tears in the world don’t turn back time.

The mountain you have come to is not the literal fire covered mountain that our Israelite forefathers were afraid to approach. You have not come to dark storms, heralding trumpets or to God’s voice so pure and immense that your very bodies could not take in its magnificence. To the voice so mighty that you cowed and pleaded it be stilled. A mountain that animals couldn’t touch and live and that Moses himself trembled before.

NO! You have count to Mount Zion, to Jerusalem, God’s City. You have come to countless angels in an ecstatic gathering, to the church, names already etched in heavenly realms. You have come to God, the judge, to all those faithful ‘old contract’ souls waiting for perfection. To Jesus, the ever approachable Jesus, author of the new contract, signed and paid for by his shed blood, blood that calls through eternity speaking more loudly and clearly than the spilt blood of Abel.

Don’t turn Him who speaks away. Mankind has constantly ignored all previous warnings, but we have the advantage of seeing this in light of the new contract – don’t turn Him away. In those days God’s very voice shook the earth’s foundations, but He has promised only once more to shake both heavens and earth. This indicates His plan, if only once more then the things that can be shaken, as in the physical creation, will be removed leaving only the unshakable things, as in the original Eden plan – bodies and all!

Now we this unshakeable, unbreakable, undeniable and unrelenting Kingdom is advancing ever forward, piercing the very fabric of our reality so let’s be grateful and lift our hands and lives to God in a manner that is pleasing to Him. Be reverent, be filled with awe – God is fire.

I guess you would call the above a paraphrase, but let me be clear it is my version of a Bible passage, it cannot replace or even do justice to the original but I found it a helpful exercise. I have not studied much theology or history in relation to the original passage so it has just been rewritten from my point of view.