I consider life to be a jigsaw (The Missing Piece). I don’t have the box to the jigsaw so I am unable to see ahead to how the picture will look at the end of my life on earth.

God does have the box. He could trace every second of my life long before He placed me into my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13, Jeremiah 1:5). The only part I need to play is to fully surrender myself to God and allow Him to put the jigsaw together. If it were left to me I would struggle. I’d put pieces together wrong and I’d get frustrated with the time it would take to put the jigsaw together correctly. 

If I were doing the jigsaw then I would search for the edge and corner pieces first. I would put them together and then look for the obvious and easy bits to do next. Hard would be left to last, and I probably wouldn’t finish the jigsaw.

I don’t think God starts with the corners, or the edges. I think God starts with the centre piece first. Then He builds outwards in layers or concentric circles. The centre piece is me. All the other bits relate to my life journey as God builds me and grows me. Every piece goes into the correct place and at the right time (Acts 17:26 NIV). If I allow God to take responsibility for the jigsaw then it will be completed to His satisfaction. The end picture will be different to anything I could possibly imagine.

God does not rush His human jigsaw puzzles, but He delights in completing them. However, while I’m glad God is in charge it remains a fact that my life, and life in general, remains a bit of a puzzle.