Despite writing two blogs about jigsaw puzzles (God’s Big Jigsaw Puzzle and The Missing Piece) I have to admit that I really don’t like jigsaws. My wife used to spread out her puzzles over the dining table (she now has a special board for doing jigsaws). When it was time to eat, the table cloth had to go over the top of the puzzle. This gave an uneven surface that annoyed me. When the cloth wasn’t there I would try to fit pieces in, but used to get frustrated with the impossibility of it all. Even when a puzzle was completed I remember the sheer pleasure of seeing it broken up and put back in the box.

Imagine that you exist as a jigsaw of many pieces, and that it is God who puts the puzzle together not you. He holds each piece lovingly in His hand, knowing exactly where it should go, and when. But there is another who looks over God’s shoulder, a hater and a despiser of the jigsaws that God is assembling. The hater does not want the jigsaws completed, he likes to take pieces and hide them. He desperately wants the pieces to go in the wrong places. Given the chance the hater will sweep a jigsaw off the table and back into the box, perhaps even into the wrong box.

Should we fear the jigsaw hater, the evil one who comes to disrupt and destroy? For me the challenge is to remember daily in Whose hands I am held. To keep in mind that each part of me, each second of my life, each breath that I take is lovingly held in the hands of my Creator who is putting me together. I am reminded of the dry bones in Ezekiel 37. God clothed the dry bones with flesh, and then He breathed life into them. God is not going to break up the jigsaw when it is finished. God has no intention of putting the pieces back into the box. God creates, God restores, God puts flesh on dry bones, and God breathes His Spirit into us to give us life. I want His hands to touch every part of the jigsaw of my life and I wait in anticipation for the day when He puts the last piece into place, and then discards the empty box.