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I spent six years of my life at Castel School in Guernsey. The first photograph shows how the school looks now. Quite a few things have changed. One thing that has not changed is the view from the playground shown more clearly in the second photograph. I didn’t notice it as a child, but the sea is very visible from where we used to play every morning, lunchtime and afternoon during school term.

My many memories of Castel School include Mr Girard the Headteacher, and Miss Janice Rees, who was the best teacher I ever had. I remember cycling to and from school, then down to the beach after school in the summer to find my mother who would be there with my younger sisters. The one thing I do not remember is ever seeing the sea from the playground. It may be that I just took the sea view for granted. The beach and the rocks were my playground out of school, and with the island measuring just five miles wide and eight miles long the sea was never far away.

Visiting the seaside is very special now that I live on the mainland some eighty miles from the coast. I no longer take a sea view for granted, and I can spend forever on a beach just gazing out across the waves. As an adult I notice more, I have a greater appreciation of everything around me. I can easily worship God in my surroundings. As a child I saw through different eyes. As an adult my perspectives have changed and I notice what I may previously have ignored.

Jesus noticed everything. He viewed the world and people through different eyes to mine. When the disciples saw a blind man and wondered whose sin had caused the blindness, Jesus looked directly into the heart of the man and knew him intimately. Jesus saw a child of God who would trust and follow Him (John 9:1-39). When the Pharisees saw an adulteress who deserved to die for her misdemeanours, Jesus saw the inner beauty of a woman in need of forgiveness (John 8:3-11). While I wonder how I would feel if Jesus was looking into me, I know that I need to learn to view everything, but especially people, through His eyes.

“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” (Mark 10:51)

I want to see through the eyes of Jesus. I want to see.