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We were on holiday in Austria. We had gone with Oak Hall – a Christian holiday company. During the day we would explore the country, and in the evenings there was worship and a speaker. Unfortunately while the speaker was provided they just assumed that in a group of Christians somebody would be able to play guitar. One lad could and did a great job, then on the third day he saw me pick up the guitar and strum a very basic song and volunteered me to do the worship that night.

Anyone who knows me knows that my knowledge of music is rudimentary at best, and my singing considered a legitimate method of torture in some countries. However on that evening I was allowed to choose the songs, and wisely stuck to chords I knew. It went better than expected. Much better. The next day a couple of the other holiday makers asked if I lead worship at my home church and actually thought I was a seasoned worship leader. That was all I needed, head sufficiently bloated, pride welled up so much it was seeping through my pores, I began to dream. I would go home and lead worship at church eventually (but not too long) I would be recognised as an exceptionally gifted worship leader. Amazing how pride can blind us to trivial matters such as our actual skill level. This delirium lasted until the next night when I was asked to lead worship again, but this time the songs were picked for me.

It’s a night I’d like to forget but still haunts me. It certainly dismissed my dreams of worship leader in one fell swoop. Recently I read this:

Proverbs 12:11 ‘He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.’

It got me thinking, as I survey my life what is my land? What is my call, my gifting? That’s what I need to work on, not my fantasies. Lord, show me my land.