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School of Rock

The film School of Rock ends with a battle of the bands. Jack Black’s fraudulently taught class of young teenagers perform to the delight of the crowd but lose out to a more established band. After having heard their children perform the parents originally there to stop their children taking part, start a chant that reveals the crowds real preference, and as the shout of ‘School of Rock’ echoes around the venue the pupils take to the stage to play the encore. 

In terms of the competition the band lost. They weren’t the winners, they didn’t take home the prize, but in the eyes of the crowd they were the true winners. While the other band walked off stage with the trophy the School of Rock played to a packed house.

This is a lesson I need to learn when it comes to change. I decide I want to change and that it is good, but I go further, I cross a line and in doing so I place myself in the position that God should occupy. I decide to change but I decide how that change should look, about the path I should take to that change. I claim it’s in God’s name but the reality is that it is in Nick’s name.

The problem is that I define success. I decide what it looks like for me to be a good Christian and if I don’t achieve that I decide I have failed! In my desire to do good I have left the Source of all goodness out of the equation. And rather than turn to Him when I realise this I sulk and sink – even Peter was wise enough to cry out for Jesus when he started to sink, even the lost son got sick of pig food and left the sty, but me? I wallow in it. But what if I turned to God?

Matt 14: 31 ‘Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.’

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