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“Seems you created your own illusion, fuelled by an image of me”

The above are lyrics to a song by Badly Drawn Boy but I think they could apply equally to our treatment of God. I think many of us, myself included, are guilty of editing God. We take the bits from the Bible that are comfortable for us and conveniently forget the bits that may challenge our current lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying its never good to focus on or emphasise a single aspect of God, just that if that is all we do, we run the risk of diminishing God. Essentially instead of being moulded by the Potter’s hands we end up trying to squash Him into our own limited understanding and experience. Equally, I think it’s good that local churches are not clones of one another, as we are called to be unified not uniform.

However, if we are filtering God in this way then we are creating an idol of God:  It looks a bit like Him from certain angles, but the picture is incomplete. For example, if we focus on God’s love but ignore His justice then we can potentially be too soft on the sin in our lives. Conversely if we focus on his justice but exclude His love then we are in danger of forgetting about his forgiveness and living instead with a constant sense of shame.

If we are not willing to worship all aspects of God then I would argue that we are not really worshipping Him at all. How do you view God? What informs that picture and are you looking at the whole picture?