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This is a guest post from Imogen. Imogen is at the youth group at Scarborough Christian Fellowship and this is her first blog. I think it rocks and I’m sure you will too. If we are lucky more will follow…

I was moving some furniture around the other day when I found my F.R.O.G bracelet. I’d initially bought it as a new Christian and thought it looked rather cool and a bit clever but I never really thought about what it means to Fully Rely On God, it was more like a church based accessory for me. I mean on some level I had always felt I was relying on God so what did this “fully” bit mean? 

I only experienced this new way of living last week when I was looking for a salon to train in. I’m a rather shy person and I find it quite hard to work up the courage to ask people for things, never mind strangers. However I didn’t have a choice in this case as I could no longer put off finding a salon.

Until the night before I went looking for a salon, I hadn’t really prioritised this task. In my mind I could easily fly under the radar and just about qualify as a hairdresser. However at my youth group I had appealed to find a salon as I was finding myself getting in to more trouble by not having one.  The whole group had been praying for me to find this salon yet I was still slightly reluctant.

I continued this attitude up until one of my youth leaders, who has been helping me out recently to get my life in order spoke to me about having this placement in a salon. He reminded me that this wasn’t about my hairdressing it was about the people who would go in to this salon and how I could bless them with the Lord’s word and how I could lead by example. He told me how this would be part of my journey and a huge opportunity for me. This was of course a massive eye opener.

I was still slightly nervous and about having to venture out and I had my doubts about how people would respond etc. However I felt convicted to go out and start my “mission”. So the next morning I prayed to God to give me courage and I leapt on a bus in faith that the Lord would guide me.

Now this is where the F.R.O.G came in to action I was stood outside this gorgeous new salon, many things were spinning round in my mind about how I thought this would go. I then just bowed my head and said to God “Lord, I trust that you will do this for me. I’m leaving this in your hands, I just want to please you and do your work.” I then felt much more at ease, I walked straight in and asked at the counter. I had never felt so confident so relaxed. Within two minutes the manager asked me if I could work on Tuesdays! Just like that I walked out of the first salon I had entered with a placement, it was unbelievable, I was ecstatic! I automatically praised the Lord thanking him for his blessing.

For the first time I had Fully Relied On God, I gave him my life and just trusted that he would control it how he desired. Now whenever I look at this bracelet I will remember the amazing sensation which is to fully rely on God.