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As regular readers of this blog will know in 2008 I found out I had a low sperm count, and while Anna and I have determined not to let this fact define who we are, there is no denying that it has changed the course of our lives.

Right from the off we decided to be open and honest about this journey and this has resulted in some blogs written here which you can read under the IVF category. Many of you will know that I blog for Christian Vision for Men but I just wanted to highlight the current series I am doing for them – Low Sperm Count Boy. This is an honest and sometimes explicit look at infertility from the male point of view. It’s not been easy to write but I feel it’s important. Please pass this on to people it may help. The links are –

Part one – Firing Blanks

Part two – The Sperminator

Part three – (mis)Reading the Signs

Part four – Time Heals

I will update the links when more are posted. Other useful blogs on this topic are Barrentoblessed a fantastic blog by a women who knew she wouldn’t have biological children and reflects on her journey as foster and adoptive parents. Pregnant with Hope is another brilliant blog site for infertile couples and lastly I have recently discoverer SayingGoodbyeUk a great organisation that helps parents who have lost children to grieve. Check them out and pass them on.