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I was walking home the other day and coming towards me were two school girls. I decided to do the polite thing and step to the road side of the pavement so that we could pass without incident. Unfortunately I failed to notice the tree branch hanging on that side, and as my head bounced off said branch the girls collapsed into fits of laughter.

I laughed nervously too, and then considered going all Elisha on them and unleashing the bears, however the best Scarborough could manage was a mildly upset squirrel, and I think he was also laughing at me. So I increased my pace, eager to move on. And then something strange happened. Something I barely heard over my earphones. One of the girls shouted after me. She asked if I was ok, then the other chirped up. She apologised for laughing. I said that it wasn’t a problem because it was actually funny, and carried on my way.

On reflection I was quite surprised. I expected to be ignored at best and verbally abused at worst but instead I received kindness and genuine concern. Alright they laughed but it was funny. Society by and large tells us not to expect this kind of beautiful event. But God has a different perspective. He tells us eternity is written in our hearts, that we were created in His image. His fingerprints are everywhere, shame it sometimes takes a bump on the head to remember it.