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As it became clearer that outside of a miracle I was not going to father my own children there was one thing that got to me more than anything else – missing out. Missing out on watching my wife’s belly grow, in looking after her, on feeling the baby kick, on the birth itself, and on the baby being born and that first meeting. But as a number of the bloggers I follow became parents again or for the first time, I realised I would miss something else – a new understanding of our relationship with God.

You see many new fathers and mothers commented on how they had a new appreciation of how God feels looking at his children, as they gazed on their new bundles of joy. It became increasingly clear that this was one insight into God that I may never experience in quite the same way.

However recently it has dawned on me that I will experience a different insight into God, an insight that perhaps biological parents would miss out on. That is the insight of choosing. The insight of adoption. It’s a fitting reflection for this time of year, God chose to send His only Son so that we could all be adopted son’s and daughters. This is incredible. As we move closer and closer to adoption, I long for the day when I can look at our adopted child (or children) and knowing that we chose them.

God chose you. He chose to give sacrifice his Son for you, whether you accept that or not, whether you believe that or not. He gave everything to choose you, to adopt you, to make you a sibling to Jesus. What difference could it make to your Christmas to understand that you are chosen?