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I am hideous. I am detestable, disgusting. I lie. I cheat. In my thoughts I am a murderer and adulterer. I am the worst of men.

Thankfully there is another I am. An I am who stepped out of heaven and into a stable. A filthy, disgusting stable. Thankfully this I am knows the worst and the best of humanity. Thankfully this I am had a mission.

I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt over the 30 years they spent with Jesus before He started his mission. I wonder if He was a normal child or if He exhibited signs of what was to come. I wonder if they ever thought that the angel might have been wrong? That their son couldn’t possibly be the Saviour? Were they surprised when He started His work or were they expecting it?

Thankfully my I am’s are trumped by the great I am. The I am that Moses met in a burning bush, the I am that hung from a tree, had a plan all along to wash my I am’s down the drain and let me start anew in Him.

John 8:58  “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”