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This morning I finished my Bible in a year book. Just like the regular Bible it ends in Revelation. What struck me this morning was John’s response to some of the angels who he sees in his vision. A number of times John falls down and worships these beings, they quickly remind him that they are created beings and not to be worshiped.

It reminds me of how easily we try to find something to worship, how quickly we fill our lives with these things. Be it the next sleek apple product, satisfying our appetites over and over again or placing too much of ourselves in another person’s hands, whatever it may be we all worship something. The trouble is if that something isn’t God it cannot handle the expectation and demands we put it.

When John first saw the angels I’m sure he felt awe, that this being was so immense that it was all he could do to worship. But it was misplaced. Created things cannot do the creators job. As you reflect on Christmas, I wonder where you placed you worship? On presents? People? Food? Or the God-baby born in a back water town, born to free you to enjoy life without being enslaved.