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I was listening to the latest release from Kym Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture while driving earlier this week. She was singing a song written by Martin Smith of Delirious. The song is called Miracle Maker. The lyrics include the following words:

Holy, You are holy,
Who was and is and is to come.
Holy, You are holy,
Saviour, healer,
I’m staring in the face of the Miracle Maker.

As I listened I was suddenly and completely overwhelmed by the meaning of the word holy, and the holiness of God. Holiness that filled the first temple in Jerusalem to the extent that no human could enter after this, other than the high priest, once per year.

When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the cloud filled the temple of the Lord. And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled his temple. (1 Kings 8:10-11 NIV)

I have a live recording of Delirious singing Miracle Maker. Martin Smith sings from a kneeling position for much of the song. I can understand why. The realization that God is so far removed from me on the holiness scale is like a crushing weight forcing me down. Then I remember that He chose to step across the incalculable distance separating heaven from earth. I am amazed that in doing so He was prepared to clothe Himself in human flesh in its poorest form, disregarding His holiness because of His immense love for humanity.

When I think that God was prepared to kneel before men He created and wash their feet, what other response can there be to His holiness, other than to do as Martin Smith did on stage and kneel? And I am overwhelmed not only by His holiness, but by His forgiveness and most of all by His love.

Miracle Maker – Delirious

Miracle Maker – Kym Walker-Smith