The-Source_Logo_PrintOur family has just returned from Spring Harvest where the focus/theme this year was on the Source, the Source being Jesus. Coming home to a house with a central heating system that needs the loving care of a plumber I was reminded of the importance of a relationship with the Source.

The source of heat in our home is a gas-fired boiler that is hidden behind a cupboard door in the utility room. Most people don’t know where to find the source/boiler, but they know it exists when there is heat in the radiators and hot water flowing from the taps and the shower. The radiators are all connected to the source/boiler by pipes. As we have extended our home over time to make space for our family we have added further radiators. The radiator in my office is probably the furthest from the boiler and the last to get warm. The radiator in the family bathroom is where air in the system collects for some unknown reason. This radiator can be cold when every other radiator in the house is warm.

Just as the radiators in my home are connected to the boiler, so we need to be connected to Jesus. We also need to be close to Him. If our hearts are cold then perhaps there is a problem that needs to be resolved? When the radiator in our bathroom is cold then I know that there is air in the system that needs to be released so that the hot water can flow again.

besaydoJesus is the Source. Not only do we need to be connected to Him, we need to stay close to Him. If we feel cold inside then we need to ask why, and we need to act to ensure that there is nothing blocking the flow of perfect love from Jesus into our hearts. When we are connected closely to the Source then it should be evident to every person we encounter in our daily lives. The boiler in my house is hidden in a cupboard. Jesus the Source should not be hidden inside us. He should be visible in all that we are, say and do.