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A year ago I wrote about the worst day of the year. Today I write a little explanation as to why I haven’t been blogging much recently. We have been matched with a little boy. There is still a long way to go and it could still end up not going ahead, but we are most of the way there. Last year I spent Father’ day mourning what I didn’t have, this year I look ahead to what I will shortly gain.

A little boy with part of his history already written, a little boy that we hope to give the best chance to be all he wants to be. Who needs consistency and stability. Who has problems and lots of needs. I’m excited, but I am also scared. And at the back of my mind the injustice of not being able to have our own biological child still lingers, and occasional rears it’s jealous head.

But the truth is we are all adopted. Adopted by a heavenly Father who gave everything for us. As we our choosing to adopt, He chose to adopt us. I look forward to Father’s day next year when things will have changed again. Thanks for all your prayers!