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I write this on my phone in a cheap hotel room after meeting our son for the first time. In a strange but magical day our emotions have certainly been rollercoasteresq and as Keating sang we ‘just had to ride it’.

I am a daddy for the first time, and it’s an experience I will not forget, and is already teaching me profound lessons. As we sat at the dinner table for fish and chips with his foster family little Welford was asked what he would like to drink. Mummy (got to get use to calling Anna this!) and I had both just asked for water and little Welford looked from Mummy to me and pronounced ‘water’. Anna and I didn’t realise the significance of this until his foster family remarked that he almost always had juice. Then as I picked up my glass to drink little Welford grabbed his glass and joined me for a simultaneous chug.
In only a couple of hours little Welford had decided to imitate us in small ways. It was a touching and powerful reminder of the power of our behaviour. If we earn places of trust we are watched and we are imitated. We don’t always know who is watching and who will copy so the onus is on us to present ourselves well on all occasions. Just as I will make mistakes as a father we will make mistakes in our lives. But as little Welford watches my highs and lows I am determined to achieve one thing – that he will learn how to handle the lows rather than just repeat them.

1 Corinthians 11:1 ‘ Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.’