There is an old analogy for heaven and hell. A story of two banquet rooms laid out with the finest of foods, both filled with guests. Unfortunately the guests arms are straightened out and constrained by splints. In the hell version the people inside are struggling to feed themselves without being able to bend their arms, in heaven the guests are feeding each other. It’s a good story. But I realised it isn’t a picture of heaven and hell, rather it’s a reflection of what is, and a glimpse of what could be.I’m sick of being part of a world that seeks only to feed itself, I want to feed you. I want to be part of the kind of community that Jesus encouraged, the kind of community that Acts describes. The kind of community that is for you, whoever you are, the kind of community that helps, that gives. I believe that churches can be these communities. That they can look past their four walls and Sunday services, to the people outside. They plug in to what ever is already happening in their communities and make happen what isn’t already happening.

I want to feed you and I want you to feed me.

Matthew 22:39 “And the second is like it: “Love your neighbour as yourself.””