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I can be a little deluded about myself and my giftings. I like to think it’s charming but I’m probably wrong. One area I thought I was ok in is receiving criticism. Turns out I’m not. Criticism whether justified or not is hard to take. It eats at your insecurities. As someone involved in Christian leadership I feel I should be able to handle this, and when I can’t I get caught in a vicious circle between the criticism and my insecurity.

Two things have happened recently that have started to change this for me, the first was to try and act out of who I am not how I feel. And the second was Moses.

Moses copped a lot of flak. His first response was almost always the same, to fall prostrate before God. It was Moses character, His relationship with God that pulled him through all the trials. You will face criticism whether you are in leadership or not. It will come at you from the front, behind your back, and sideways. It will hurt. Before your respond out of how you feel, get on your face and remember who you are.

Numbers 14:5 “Then Moses and Aaron fell face down in front of the whole Israelite assembly gathered there.”