What sort of God would allow wars, cancer, death, famine, droughts, floods, earthquakes, etc.? Good question, and one that is often levelled at followers of Jesus who state and stake their belief in a loving God. You know the sort of people. The ones who believe in one God who is reported to be three persons. Not those who believe in another god or many gods. But thinking about it, if you believe in any god then the same question arises. The problem is that the many gods do not stack up against the one God when the love aspect is considered. Has any other god, other than those of mythology, ever been referred to as a god of love?

What sort of God would allow all the bad stuff we read about in our newspapers and watch on our television screens? Perhaps we have personal experience of some of the evil that He seems to allow to proliferate in His world? But what if this world isn’t His world? Didn’t the loving God we spend so much time criticising create a place of absolute perfection for us, a place so totally different to our world? Have we forgotten that God created a garden called Eden as the place for men and women to live? God also gave the first man and the first woman free will and free choice. You might think that this is where God screwed up, but in fact it was the first man and the first woman who got it wrong. The God of love could have simply crushed them in His hand, but He didn’t. He gave them another chance, albeit outside Eden. Then one of their sons murdered his brother and you begin to realise that it was evil rather than good that took hold of human hearts.

God could have eliminated human life and started over, but He didn’t. After all – what sort of God gives up on those He loves? And what sort of God finds a plan to redeem a fallen creation that involves sacrificing part of Himself? As Christmas trees and lights and all the other paraphernalia surround us at this time of year do we ever wonder what it cost God to send His Son to earth, knowing exactly how He would be received? What sort of God does that? What sort of God allows His Son to visit His creation and live in poverty? What sort of God allows His Son to become a refugee, and ultimately an outlaw? What sort of a God allows the beings He created to torture and murder His Son? What sort of God indeed? I don’t know what sort of god features in your life, but I know the sort of God I want in mine. I want a God who would do anything for me because of His love for me. I want the God who invented Christmas and gave the first Christmas gift. And I want more of Him.